The Weight Loss Philosophy Of Expert Personal Trainer Eric Viskovicz

Losing weight can be a daunting experience. Most people try to lose weight – often using fad diets or cookie-cutter exercise routines – but end up failing. They either get demotivated before they lose the weight, or they shed a few pounds and then gain them back again.Other people who try to lose weight end up doing so in ways that are not healthy at all. They end up developing eating disorders, losing their self-esteem or suffering from other weight-related psychological issues.It was these common problems that led Eric Viskovicz, the now-famous personal trainer and president of the LIFE program in Playa Del Rey, CA, to dedicate his life to helping people find ways to lose weight, keep it off and feel good about themselves – without developing eating disorders or putting their health at risk.

Eric himself has always been into athletics, and to look at him today you’d think that he’s one of the few people in the world who has never had to struggle with his weight. But, you’d be wrong. Viskovicz has suffered through eating disorders himself, and struggled to lose 50 pounds.

It was his own personal battles with eating disorders and losing weight that led Viskovicz to realize that their had to be a better way to get into shape and be healthy than the traditional approaches.
It’s one thing to tell people they need to eat healthy and exercise, but it’s quite a different thing to break people of the bad habits that have caused them to become overweight in the first place.

Viskovicz – who has an economics and biology degree from the University Of Pittsburgh – realized that most plans only offered short-term solutions to weight loss problems. They were not effective at helping people keep weight off in the long term. Worse still, when people gained the weight back, it made them feel bad about themselves.

People would consider themselves failures because they couldn’t keep the weight off, which is the kind of common psychological reaction that leads many people to develop eating disorders.Worse still, as a certified nutritionist, Viskovicz knew that many of these fad diets are extremely unhealthy, because they don’t provide people with the right amount of nutrition their body needs to function. This is bad news – what is the point of losing weight if you are putting your health at risk and damaging yourself psychologically?After working as a personal trainer, Viskovicz invented an entirely new weight loss philosophy.

He decided that for any weight loss program to be truly effective, it had to be based around the person’s unique set of circumstances. It had to be personalized around their own personality. Viskovicz came to the conclusion that for people to start living healthier lives and losing weight, they had to learn how to understand themselves and what psychological issues led them to be out of shape in the first place.

In 1997 he created Camp Technique, which eventually became the Live In Fitness LIFE program. At first, Camp Technique was a place people came to visit during the day. But it quickly turned into a fitness resort when Viskovicz determined that people needed to be temporarily separated from their toxic environments if they were going to achieve total weight loss success.

Viskovicz created a unique program that combined on-site psychologists with personal trainers and nutritionists. As people who come toLive In Fitnesswork on their bodies, they are also working on the personal issues that led them to need to lose weight in the first place.

They are taught new ways to feel better about themselves, and how to approach weight loss and nutrition. People are guided to new ways to look at their mental and emotional approaches to food. They learn how to have fun while exercising – so that they look forward to it and stay motivated to keep working out, even after they have left the fitness resort.

Viskovicz also makes sure that each and every guest gets their own personal fitness and nutrition program. He understands that no single program works for everyone, and different people need different routines – because different issues have caused them to become overweight.

This kind of personalized approach that addresses mental health issues along with exercise and nutrition has proven to be extremely effective. So much so that Viskovicz and his Live In Fitness LIFE program is one of the most respected in America.

His program has been embraced by many celebrity clients including the Los Angeles Dodgers, Bette Midler, Jessica Biel, Matt Grant, and Olympic-level athletes. His innovative approach to weight loss, health and fitness has also been featured on the Dr. Phil Show.

But that doesn’t mean his approach is only for the rich and famous. Plenty of everyday people have gone to Viskovicz’s Life In Fitness LIFE program and experienced weight loss success first hand.The result of his technique is that people leaveLive In Fitness not only in better physical shape, but they’ve learned ways to bring more balance to their lives. They understand how to eat food that is tasty, but also healthy for them. They remain focused on exercise after they leave. They have a better body image, and they understand themselves for the first time in their lives.This is what makes Viskovicz’s weight loss philosophy different – and why it has helped hundreds of people boost their self esteem and finally meet their weight loss goals.

It’s all about understanding that each person has their own weight loss challenges, and finding ways to help them work out their emotional issues while exercising and eating healthy. It all leads to a better life.