Fat Farm Myths Debunked

Fat farms are a great way for people to lose weight and learn how to stay in shape. Thousands of people a year decide to go to fat farms after realizing that they need help becoming more physically fit and staying in shape. They don’t simply want to drop a few pounds with a fad diet – because they know they’ll just put the weight back on. They want to lose weight and keep it off.The truth is that fat farms are one of the only truly effective ways to get your body back on the right track, so that you’ll look good and feel better about yourself. They’ll help you live a healthier life – both mentally and physically. They will help you finally get the body you’ve always wanted to have.But, many people don’t realize how helpful fat farms can be. In fact, many people are turned off by the entire idea of fat farms. They think they are horrible places, because they have been taken in by the myth of what fat farms are and don’t know what they are really like.

This is easy to understand – because Hollywood and television have spent decades presenting fat farms as awful places only truly desperate people would go to. And because that’s the only image most people see of fat farms, they assume the myths are a reality.
That’s why we decided to write this article – to debunk the myths about fat farms and let you know what they are really like. Once people understand the truth about fat farms and stop believing the lies, they can make an informed decision about whether or not a fat farm is right for them.

  • Fat farms are not just for the obese. They are for anyone who wants to get into better shape and develop healthier habits. Lots of people, from celebrities who want to lose a few pounds for a role to people who want to prepare for adventure travel, choose to go to fat farms to meet their fitness goals.
  • There is no shame involved in going to a fat farm. Most people can’t lose weight on their own, and need some help getting started. That’s perfectly normal – and nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Fat farms aren’t staffed by former boot camp instructors who yell insulting things at you. That is totally a Hollywood myth. The staff at respectable fat farms are well-trained, caring individuals who want to help you feel better about yourself and will encourage you to start getting into shape.
  • Fat farms are not depressing. In fact, fat farms are designed to be fun! They understand that unless you have a good time, you won’t keep up the good work you’ve started there. They want you to keep up with your diet and exercise program after you leave – and they know that can happen only if they
    make it a positive experience for you.
  • Fat farms won’t bully you into doing more exercise than you can handle. A fat farm will evaluate your unique weight loss needs, and then design a personalized diet and exercise plan that will work for you. They don’t want you to hurt yourself. They want you to be healthier.
  • You don’t get stuck eating just a few leaves of lettuce for dinner at a fat farm. In fact, established fat farms like Live In Fitness in Playa Del Ray, CA, serve five-star meals cooked by experienced chefs and designed by certified dieticians.
  • You won’t only work on your body at a fat farm; you’ll also work on your mind. You see, there is a psychological component to weight loss. You have to understand why you have become overweight. You have to have an understanding about who you are. You have to have a mentally healthy way of looking at your body, or you won’t be able to keep the weight off. Reputable fat farms have psychologists on staff who will work with you to get your mind into shape, so that you can maximize your health and fitness potential.
  • Fat farms aren’t located in out-of-the-way places with nothing to do. In fact, most are set up in fun, warm locations where you can go to the beach or shopping easily.
  • In fact, most fat farms are set up like luxury resorts. They are not that different from Club Med. The only real difference is that instead of being lazy and gaining weight, you’ll get to do fun things that will keep you active and help you lose weight.
  • Fat farms are not for losers. In fact, fat farms create a sense of community and help you become a winner. You’ll meet new friends – all of whom are there for the same reason you are – and you’ll all work together to get into shape.
  • When you are at a fat farm, you won’t be stuck in a dingy dormitory. In fact, you’ll have your own private suite where you can relax in total comfort. Most fat farms have flat screen TVs, cable television, high-speed WiFi access, maid service, concierges, and every other amenity you’d expect at a luxury resort.
  • The point of a fat farm isn’t short-term weight loss. If you have become overweight, it’s because modern living has made it easy for you to develop bad habits. Fat farms exist to help you break those bad habits and develop new, healthier habits. The result is that you will continue to live a healthier lifestyle long after you leave the fat farm.
  • Fat farms won’t keep you isolated. They aren’t a recruitment service for a cult. In fact, they’ll have a business center so you can keep up on work if you have to!
  • Fat farms won’t be like your old high school gym. They have state-of-the-art exercise equipment, and take advantage of the latest technology in order to help you lose as much weight as possible.
  • You’ll really enjoy being at a fat farm. Everything involved in a modern fat farm is centered around making sure you have a great time while you lose weight.

There you have it – the truth about fat farms, so you don’t have to believe the myths any longer. If you go to a fat farm, you’ll not only lose weight and learn how to keep it off – you’ll boost your self esteem, meet new friends and develop healthy living habits that will last a lifetime.