Never Say Never – You Can Have Your Cake And Diet Too!

Losing weight is a priority for most people. In America, our lifestyle has made the vast majority of us overweight to some degree or another. And, when we realize it’s time to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle, most of us realize that we’ll have to go on a diet.Of course, to achieve real weight loss results we’ll have to exercise as well, but dieting is generally at the top of our minds.For a lot of us, that’s because we dread the diet more than the workouts. We know that exercising will release endorphins and make us feel good, and can even be a social event. It can add things to our lives.But, when it comes to dieting we have been told that it’s all about denying ourselves things we really like. That seems like much more of a challenge – and it’s a downer! Giving up cake forever feels almost like knowing we’ll never have a first kiss again.

This is one of the things that makes many of us put off dieting, even though we know it would be very beneficial to our lives. And when we do diet, one of the reasons many of us lose our motivation and stop is because we find ourselves tempted – and once we give in and have that piece of cheesecake, we tell ourselves that our diet is over so we might as well just give up.

The thing is, it doesn’t need to be that way. You can diet, lose weight and indulge yourself in cake all at the same time. The important thing is to never say “never” and understand that eating stuff you really like from time to time isn’t a bad thing.

In fact, rewarding yourself with a slice of cake every so often can actually help you stay on your diet and make you more likely to lose weight and keep it off.

Don’t believe us? Well, we talked to the expert nutritionists at the Live In Fitness LIFE program in Playa del Rey, California and they agreed that people trying to lose weight should let themselves have cake or pie from time to time.

Here’s why – losing weight is as much about what’s going on in your mind as it is what you are doing to and putting in your body.

We gain weight when we have negative self images, low self-esteem and/or are feeling depressed. When we have low self-esteem, we don’t feel like we deserve to look better or feel healthier, so we sabotage our weight loss efforts. When we are depressed we become less active, which means that we burn off less calories and our metabolism slows down.

These often subconscious mental attitudes are what both cause us to gain weight in the first place, and what make it difficult to take it off when we think we are ready to.

That’s what makes indulging in cake bad for our diets. It’s not the cake itself; it’s feeling guilty about eating the cake that causes it to last for a minute on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. You see, the self-esteem issues and depression associated with being overweight are tied to what is called our internal dialogue.

Your internal dialogue comes from the messages you allow your subconscious to absorb from the world around you. For many people, the internal dialogue is negative. It keeps telling you that you are overweight because you are lazy. It tells you that there there is no way for you to really lose weight. It makes you feel like you deserve to be unhappy and unhealthy.

This negative internal dialogue will keep reinforcing itself until you address it, which is why when you decide to have a slice of cake, even though that cake tastes good, it ends up making you feel bad.

Those increased negative feelings make you feel like a failure when you indulge and then cause you to mess up your diet and exercise plans in other ways.

The good news is that you can change the cycle of your internal dialogue. You can teach yourself to stop the negative thoughts as soon as they start, and then replace them with positive messages.

Instead of having your internal dialogue focus on your mistakes, you can start thinking of your accomplishments. Over time, if you start replaying your internal dialogue so that you shift it to the positive from the negative, it will become automatic.

Your self-esteem will improve. When you do have a slice of cake you won’t be thinking, “OMG! I am such a loser I’m going to stay fat!” – you’ll think, “This is a great reward for all the effort I’ve put into my diet and exercise plan over the past couple weeks. I am so awesome!”

In fact, letting yourself indulge in your favorite “naughty” foods once in a while is a great way to stick to your diet and exercise plan. Each time you eat a healthy meal, you can tell yourself, “If I keep this up I’m going to reward myself in two weeks with a chocolate cheesecake covered in whipped cream!”

You can do the same thing when you don’t feel like going to the gym. Remind yourself that if you do go, you’ll get a reward in a week or two. This will actually help you keep motivated and stick to your goals.

Instead of being filled with negative thoughts that get in the way of losing weight and keeping it off, you’ll be filled with the type of positive thoughts that make it much, much more likely that you will successfully lose weight.

Beyond that, knowing that you won’t have to give up something you really enjoy forever will make your entire diet and weight loss plan seem less like work and much easier for you to embrace.

Obviously, you don’t want to eat cake every day; but once in a while won’t kill you, and won’t cause you to gain back all the weight you’ve put on. It just means that you’ll have a special treat every so often – because you’ve earned it by working hard to get a better body and live a healthier lifestyle.

So, never say never! Let yourself have your cake and diet too!

Eric Viskovicz is the founder and director of Live In Fitness Enterprises. His site, is where many people find his Marina Del Rey weight loss retreat.

When it comes to weight loss, Eric Viskovicz is both an innovator and a pioneer. Due to his own struggle with weight loss, and a comprehensive understanding of the way in which the struggle to lose weight can totally envelope a person, Eric was the first person to realize that in order to be successful at weight loss, it needs to be treated in the way in which it is experienced. What this means to Eric is that in order to win at weight loss, a person has to first completely understand himself. This philosophy led Eric Viskovicz to produce the first ever approach to weight loss based on the person’s personality.