How Your Mindset Can Help You Lose Weight

When people start thinking about losing weight, the first thing that comes to mind is working on their body. But, if they really want to not only lose weight but also keep it off, they would be better off working on their minds.You see, when it comes to physical fitness and living healthy, your mind is the most important muscle in your entire body. In fact, you can’t really change your body for the better until you change your mindset.This is why so many people fail when they try to lose weight. They can stick to a diet and exercise plan for a short period of time, but eventually they’ll go off it and not only gain back any weight they’ve lost, but more often than not actually put on more pounds than they had in the first place.

Being overweight isn’t something that just happens to us. When we are out of shape, it’s often caused by our mindset – the way we look at ourselves, our bodies and the idea of diet and exercise.

We can try all we want to become more fit, but the same mindset that caused us to be overweight in the first place will sabotage our weight loss efforts.

This is why fitness resorts, like the Live In FitnessLIFE program in Playa del Rey, California, employ psychologists as well as dieticians and personal trainers. They know that if they don’t help people change their mindset, their guests will only lose weight for short periods of time. Because they are dedicated to long-term weight loss, their psychologists help their guests figure out what caused them to be overweight in the first place, and change that mindset for the better.

Here are some of the ways that your mindset effects your weight loss goals – even if your conscious mind doesn’t realize it.

  • Some people don’t believe they deserve to be live healthy and have a good body. Their self-esteem is low and while they might want to lose weight, their subconscious thinks that don’t have the right to. They have internalized negative feelings from society and think that being unattractive and out of shape is their destiny. Until people learn to like themselves more and understand that they are worthy of a better life, their subconscious will hold them back from their weight loss goals.
  • Many of our behaviors related to weight come from bad habits that have been incorporated into our subconscious. These bad habits are often formed before we are seven years old. Until they are addressed, they cannot be replaced with new healthier habits. By changing your mindset, you can identify the bad habits that are holding you back and find ways to leave them behind in childhood where they belong, so that as an adult you can foster good habits that will help you live a healthier life.
  • Our mindset creates an inner dialogue that determines how our subconscious mind interacts with our daily behaviors. For many people, that inner dialogue is negative. We focus on the not-so-nice things people have said to us and keep replaying them over and over again. This negative inner dialogue makes it harder to stay motivated and meet your goals. The good news is that once you become aware of your inner dialogue, you can change it. When you notice negative thoughts come into your mind, you can stop them and start thinking positive thoughts instead. Over time, this will become an automatic process and your negative inner dialogue will disappear and be nearly completely replaced by a positive inner dialogue. This will boost your self-esteem, make it easier to break bad habits, and stop your subconscious mind from sabotaging your diet and healthy living efforts.
  • Without the right mindset, it is very easy for people to give into temptation. The world is full of temptations. The office snack machine may tempt you to eat fatty, unhealthy snacks. Your friends may tempt you to go out after work and drink a lot of high-calorie booze. When you get home, your couch will tempt you to just sit down and watch television rather than doing something active. You need to change your mindset, so that it learns how to resist these types of temptations – or else it will be nearly impossible to stick to your weight loss plan.
  • Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to meet any goal – be it financial success, social success or weight loss success – is to use visualization techniques. In other words, when you use your mind to picture yourself with a healthier body and keep reinforcing that visual image in your brain, your subconscious will pick up on it and push you toward making choices that are healthy rather than toxic. This makes it much easier for people to lose weight.
  • Human beings are much more likely to keep doing things that they consider fun than those that they consider to be chores. This is a deeply ingrained part of our mindset. And, many of us think that dieting means eating bland foods we won’t like. Many more of us look at working out as a boring way to spend our time. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to learn how to make healthy food that actually tastes better than unhealthy food. It’s not that difficult. You can learn to love eating food that will help you lose weight. And, you can learn to find fun ways to exercise. This can help you change your mindset to look at diet and exercise as positive experiences, so you’ll want to keep to your plan.
  • Most of the problems people have with losing weight and keeping it off comes from problems of staying focused and motivated on their goals. This is a direct result of your mindset. If you aren’t really committed mentally to losing weight, your brain will allow you to get distracted from the process and you’ll give up. But if your mindset is fully committed to living a healthier life, you will find it much easier to stay motivated and actually meet your goals.
  • The more you believe it is possible to lose weight and keep it off, the more likely you are to actually do so. This has been proven in study after study. In other words, your mindset is your destiny. So, when you find ways to change your mindset, you will increase your chances of making your goal a reality. You simply need to teach yourself to believe that you can do it – and then the weight will start to disappear.

The bottom line is, you need to change your mindset if you want to improve your body. Much of your weight loss problems may be related to how you view your body and yourself. When you can get rid of a negative mindset and replace it with a positive mindset, you will be well on your way to a thinner, healthier you.

Eric Viskovicz is the founder and director of Live In Fitness Enterprises. His site, is where many people find his Marina Del Rey weight loss retreat.

When it comes to weight loss, Eric Viskovicz is both an innovator and a pioneer. Due to his own struggle with weight loss, and a comprehensive understanding of the way in which the struggle to lose weight can totally envelope a person, Eric was the first person to realize that in order to be successful at weight loss, it needs to be treated in the way in which it is experienced. What this means to Eric is that in order to win at weight loss, a person has to first completely understand himself. This philosophy led Eric Viskovicz to produce the first ever approach to weight loss based on the person’s personality.