How To Have A Social Life And Avoid Temptations That Will Break Your Diet

Losing weight can sometimes seem like a losing proposition. We work hard to stick to our diet and exercise routine; but right when we finally start to shed the pounds, something happens to get us off track and we gain the weight back.More often than not, this happens because we get tempted by our friends or social obligations to break our diets or become sedentary. In an ideal world, we’d eat nothing but healthy food and hit the gym on a regular basis – but it’s hard to do that and maintain a social life.Face it, being social means you are going to constantly be bombarded with temptations to break your diet. And, it’s easier to give into these temptations than not. That’s why sometimes it feels like the only way to stick to your diet and exercise plan is to become a hermit and just exercise and eat in isolation.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to maintain an active social life and avoid the temptations that make it a challenge for you to lose weight and keep it off in the long term.

We talked to the weight loss experts at the Live In Fitness LIFE program in Playa del Rey, California, and asked them what advice they give people who are trying to lose weight while still being a socially active. Here are some of the helpful tips they were happy to pass along to us.

  • Don’t announce to your friends that you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. This may encourage some of your friends to subconsciously sabotage your efforts. Your weight loss plan is not everyone else’s business.
  • You’ll always have some friends who are toxic to any kind of healthy living. Most of your friends won’t be like that, but figure out which ones are toxic. Spend more time with your friends who don’t tempt you than with those that do.
  • Just because you are at a bar with your friends doesn’t mean you have to get drunk, or drink any alcohol at all. It’s fine to order club soda with lime and drink that all night. Unless you make a big deal out of it, everyone will assume you are drinking a gin and tonic. They won’t have any idea that you are avoiding all the empty calories that booze has to offer.
  • Hit the dance floor. If you go out, make it be active. Don’t just lean against the bar all night. When you are dancing, you are both burning calories and being super social at the same time!
  • In fact, invite people out to activities that are both fun and active. Plan a walk in the park or arrange to go sailing or swimming at the beach. There are tons of ways to socialize that don’t involve being sedentary or packing on lots of calories.
  • If you end up going out to dinner ,pick a seafood or vegetarian option. Every restaurant will offer at least one of those choices, and they will tend to be far less fatty than the meat or pasta dishes.
  • Before you go out to dinner, drink a few glasses of water. It will make you feel less hungry, so you’ll be less likely to pig out.
  • Sign up for physically active activities. Most churches, community groups and colleges have adult activities scheduled. Join one of the ones that is active instead of passive. You’ll meet new friends and have a chance to burn off calories.
  • Try to get your friends involved in your exercise routine. Put together a softball or basketball team and play against other amateur teams once a week. You’ll have fun, bond with each other and burn off calories.
  • If team sports aren’t your thing, try to find a running buddy. Running burns off tons of calories, and it can be fun to run through the park with a friend instead of just listening to your iPod.
  • Join a yoga class. These classes are great ways to meet new people, and they also help you tone your body.
  • If you do feel like you want to have a drink, stick to a glass of red wine. It’s healthier for you than most booze, and is nowhere near as packed with calories as beer or mixed drinks.
  • Should you get invited someplace where you know you are going to be both sedentary and tempted to break your diet, try to burn some calories both there and on the way back. Walk instead of taking the subway. Use your staircase instead of your elevator when you are leaving your apartment. This can make up for a few extra calories during the night.
  • Build up your self-esteem so you don’t feel like you have to say “yes” to every temptation thrown your way. If you like yourself, people will like you – even if you don’t go in on dessert with them. You don’t have to be rude about it at all. Just let them know that you aren’t into it right now. Don’t act judgmental. You have a right to your choices, and they have a right to their choices.
  • Get a puppy and join a dog walking group. People love to walk their dogs together, having a dog will mean you’ll have to get out and walk several times a day, and you’ll have something in common with the new friends you are meeting.
  • If you end up going to the movies, a sporting event or concert, bring your own snacks with you. The food that is sold at those venues is full of fat, sugar and calories. It’s easy to bring along healthy food, so that the giant bucket of buttered popcorn doesn’t call out to you.
  • When you are at a bar, don’t sit in a bar stool. Stand instead. Standing up all night will burn off calories and keep your metabolism up – and since you won’t be drinking booze, it won’t be that much of a challenge.
  • Instead of going out to dinner with friends, invite them over to a dinner party at your home. That way you can cook healthy food that balances protein and carbohydrates, and take control of what you are eating. Your friends may even ask you for your recipes so you can help them start eating healthier, too!
  • Realize that everyone does give into temptation once in a while. When that happens, don’t freak out and use it as an excuse to give up on your diet. Schedule a little extra exercise at the gym and then go back to your normal program. One slice of cheesecake is not going to be the end of the world.

Most of these pieces of advice are simple, and all will help you remain the social diva you want to be while making sure that you can lose weight and keep it off. It’s no fun being a healthy hermit. You want to go out there and show off your healthy body!

Eric Viskovicz is the founder and director of Eric Viskovicz is both an innovator and a pioneer. Due to his own struggle with weight loss, and a comprehensive understanding of the way in which the struggle to lose weight can totally envelope a person, Eric was the first person to realize that in order to be successful at weight loss, it needs to be treated in the way in which it is experienced. What this means to Eric is that in order to win at weight loss, a person has to first completely understand himself. This philosophy led Eric Viskovicz to produce the first ever approach to weight loss based on the person’s personality.