Why Do People Go To Fitness Resorts?

Every year, thousands of people across the world decide they need to go to a fitness resort. They know that doing so will be a commitment, but they have decided that the time is right for them to dedicate themselves to losing weight and staying in shape. In fact, fitness resorts are booming in popularity, and many of them need to be booked well in advance. But, what is all the fuss about? Why do people go to fitness resorts?Men and women decide to go to fitness resorts for a variety of reasons. After all, we all have something different that we are looking for. But there are certain things that keep coming up again and again when you talk to people about fitness resorts. Recently we asked the staff of the Live In FitnessLIFE program in Playa del Ray, CA what reasons their guests have told them they decided that a fitness resort was like for them. Here’s what they told us.
  • They are tired of fad diets that either leave them feeling unhealthy or cause them to put back on the weight they’ve lost the second they are off the diet. They’ve realized that trendy diet plans don’t really work as a long-term solution.
  • They have realized that simply trying to diet and exercise doesn’t work for them. They have decided that they need to work on their mind as well. They’ve realized that until they change the way they feel about their body and understand the psychological issues that have caused them to be overweight, they’ll never really meet their goals. They know that reputable fitness resorts have trained psychologists on staff who can help them work on their relationship with their body, while they exercise their muscles and find healthier ways to stick to their diets.
  • Fitness resorts give them a break from their toxic environment. One of the reasons why it’s hard to start dieting and exercising and stick to your plan is that life is full of temptation. It’s easy to grab a fatty snack from the office vending machine. You can get stuck working late and sitting in front of your computer, sedentary. Your friends and family may talk you into hitting the bar or eating more than you should. Getting away from that environment for a while helps them learn how to resist temptation and makes actual weight loss easier.
  • They have a major life event coming up, and they want to look their best for it. They may be planning on going to a class reunion in a few months and want to look their best – just in case their old high school crush turns up. Or they may have to go a wedding where they’ll see friends and family members in years and want to make sure people are impressed with them.
  • They are planning an adventure. Perhaps they’ve decided to run their first marathon. Or they may be going on a hiking trip through Asia. Either way, they want to be healthy and in shape for it – so they choose a fitness camp to help them get the body they need to make the most of their adventure.
  • They are tired of feeling alone when they try to lose weight. Diet and exercise can feel like a very isolated experience. When you are at a fitness resort, on the other hand, you are part of a community that is dedicated to losing weight and living healthier. Everyone at the fitness resort has a common goal and works to support each other so that everyone can get healthier. This sense of community makes it much easier to keep motivated when it comes to weight loss and healthy living.
  • Luxury and comfort are important to them. Fitness resorts are high-end accommodations similar to vacation resorts. You’ll feel like you are at Club Med when you are at the resort. You’ll have access to a concierge. You’ll have your own private room. You’ll have access to premium cable and high-speed Wifi service. The staff will be there to cater to your every need.
  • People want to eat healthy food, but they don’t want it to be boring. They’ve realized that sticking to bland food just for the sake of losing weight is not a great long-term plan, because eventually you’ll want to eat something that tastes good. They understand that not only do fitness resorts offer food that tastes as good as that served in a five-star restaurant, but that it has been designed by dieticians to be healthy. And they know that they’ll have access to the recipes so that they can recreate these meals after they leave the fitness resort.
  • They want to have trained professionals help them meet their weight loss goals. If you just try to diet or go to the gym on your own, you probably won’t know what is going to work best for you when it comes to losing weight. But at a fitness resort experienced trainers and other professionals will work with you to find a diet and exercise plan that applies to your unique needs. By working with pros, you’ll be able to maximize your results as quickly as possible.
  • They are tired of coming back from their vacations fatter and feeling more unhealthy than when they left. They want to come back from their vacation looking and feeling great. They know that if they take their vacation at a fitness resort, not only will they be able to go to the beach and have access to great shopping while they are on vacation; they’ll also be doing something good for their body. When they get back to work they will feel more focused and healthier. They will have actually been able to recharge their batteries when they are on vacation.
  • They want weight loss to be fun! Trying to lose weight on your own can be a dull and depressing experience. But when you do it in a luxurious setting surrounded by new friends and a supportive community, it can actually be fun to lose weight. By making it fun they know they’ll be more likely to stick to it when they come back from the fitness resort.
  • Their doctors have told them they need to lose weight, but everything they have tried so far has failed. They know that fitness resorts have a very high success rate, so they figure it’s going to be their best chance at staying healthy and impressing their doctor.

These are just a few of the more common reasons why people go to fitness resorts. Your reasons may vary – but no matter why you decide to go to a fitness resort, you can be sure that when you leave you’ll be in better shape than you have been in years.