Why You Can’t Lose Weight On Your Own

Let’s be honest – if you want to lose weight, you can’t do it on your own. It simply won’t work. Yet, people continue to try to go it alone when they decided they want to get in shape. This is despite the fact that we all know it can’t be done.You know what happens. You try a fad diet and you lose a few pounds, but then you gain it all back. Or you promise yourself you’ll go to the gym on a regular basis and you do so for a few weeks before you get tired of it and stop.Sure, you’ll lose a few pounds this way on a temporary basis, but you’ll gain it all back and often even put on more pounds than you started with. You get discouraged and stop even trying to lose weight at all for a few months. Then the cycle repeats itself.

You end up feeling like a failure – which hurts your self-esteem and causes you to just give up and keep becoming more and more out of shape.

The thing is, you are not a failure at all. It’s just that the diet and exercise industry have sold us on the idea that if we just use their new product or sign up for a new gym, we can get into shape. But that almost never works.

The problem is that when you want to lose weight, you need social support – otherwise you won’t meet your goals.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Weight is more often than not related to your mental state. It has a great deal to do with how you look at yourself and your body from a psychological perspective. Until you understand why you’ve gained weight, you won’t be able to take it off. You need to work on your mental health before you can really start living a healthier lifestyle in the long term.
  • Being overweight is the result of building up bad habits. Breaking bad habits can’t be done unless you have some support system in place. Otherwise you’ll eventually default back to them.
  • It’s nearly impossible for someone to motivate themselves to change. You can be motivated for short periods of time, but without help and encouragement you’ll eventually become demotivated.
  • Your friends, co-workers and family members probably have many of the same bad habits that you do. In fact, that may be where you learned your bad habits in the first place! Over time, they will lead you to temptation and you’ll go back to your old ways.
  • When people are overweight, it’s because they are living in a toxic environment. Be it the office snack machine, your comfy couch that is so tempting to sit on after work, your office cubicle that keeps your butt in a seat all day, or the bar and club scene your friends are into, life is going to keep tempting you to do things that will make you fatter. But, you can’t create a new, healthier environment on your own. You need to get out of that environment and into a new environment that is free from temptation until you can make your bad habits a thing of the past.
  • Humans are social animals. As such, our behavior changes only when the nature of our community changes. If we are on our own, the community we are part of will be set up to keep us fat. It’s only by becoming part of a different community that encourages weight loss that our herd instinct will kick in and push us to change our lifestyle choices for the better.

It’s no wonder that with all these obstacles that are put in our path, most people who try to lose weight on their own fail. It’s not their fault. It’s just the way human beings and society are set up.

So, what can you do about it? The answer is simple – find a way to work with other people in order to change your toxic environment, break your bad habits and develop new, healthier habits that will help you to lose weight and keep it off.

The way many people accomplish this is by going to a fitness retreat – like the Live In Fitness program is Playa del Rey, CA. Sometimes called fitness resorts, fat camps or fitness spas, fitness retreats are a proven way for people to lose weight and keep it off for the long term.

The idea of a fitness retreat is simple. For two to six weeks, you go to a luxury resort that is dedicated to health and fitness. You live in luxurious accommodations, eat healthy food that tastes as good as those served in five-star restaurants, and are surrounded by trained professionals who work with you to help you meet your weight loss goals; by the time you are done, you have not only lost weight but discovered ways to keep it off in the long term.

They are successful because they tackle all the problems that make it nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off on your own. Here are some examples of how fitness retreats help you leap over the blockades that keep you from losing weight on your own.

  • They have trained psychologists on staff who work with you to help you figure out what caused you to be overweight in the first place. They then help you relate to your body and your weight differently, so that you subconscious mind no longer sabotages your weight loss goals.
  • They have a support system in place that helps you make bad habits a thing of the past. The reason they exist is to help you forge new, healthier habits.
  • The staff is trained to notice when people are starting to lose their focus and motivation. They then help you through this period and push you to keep motivated and on track with your weight loss goals.
  • They take away the temptation to get off track. Taking a break from being around the people who will get in the way of your weight loss goals will make it much easier for you to shed pounds and develop a healthier lifestyle.
  • You are no longer in a toxic environment. Instead you are in a healthy, supportive environment that is completely dedicated to helping you lose weight and keep it off.
  • Fitness retreats make you part of a community that is dedicated to losing weight. You’ll make new friends who will have the same goals that you do. Your natural instincts to fit in with your community will help you forge new habits and make your unhealthy habits a thing of the past.

In other words, when you join a fitness retreat you are no longer stuck trying to lose weight on your own. Instead you are in a nice environment where you are surrounded by people who want you to lose weight and life a healthier lifestyle. That’s how you not only lose weight in the short term, but discover how to keep it off in the long term.