What Is A Weight Loss Vacation? (And Why You Might Want To Take One!)

A popular new trend is for people to take a weight loss vacation in order to have fun while becoming healthier and getting into shape. Yet, for a lot of people weight loss is something they try to accomplish before they go on vacation – not while they are on vacation. In fact, many people don’t even know what a weight loss vacation is, and have never even considered going on one.Yet, once they hear about them, they become excited because they realize a weight loss vacation may be the best decision they could possibly make when deciding what to do with their time off from work.To make it simple – a weight loss vacation is when you go to a resort that is specifically dedicated to helping you lose weight, develop healthier habits, boost your self-esteem and look great.

These weight loss vacation resorts are just like other resorts. They offer comprehensive packages. You get your own private room, all food and beverages are included, and you live in luxury, have a concierge and eat gourmet meals. The only difference between them and a regular resort is that during the day, the activities are centered around losing weight and becoming healthy.

The staff will evaluate you the first day you are there to create a program that meets your personal needs. Then, you’ll have a personal trainer who will guide you through exercises and other activities that will help you lose weight. Everyone at the resort will be there for the same reason you are, so you’ll become part of the community. You’ll make new friends, have a great time and finally start losing weight, all while on vacation.

You won’t be forced into fad diets or left feeling hungry. In fact, at most weight loss resorts they use first-class chefs and dieticians to serve five-star meals that not only taste great, but are extremely healthy for you.

When on a weight loss vacation, you’ll have access to all of the amenities you would expect during at any other five star resort, so you’ll always feel comfortable and pampered.

Yet, because you will know that you are there for a reason, you’ll be motivated to improve the way you look, feel and live.

By the time your weight loss vacation is over you’ll be in better shape then you have been in years, and yet you’ll also feel relaxed – just like you’d been on a regular vacation.

Weight loss vacations aren’t simply for people who are obese. They are for anyone who has put on a few pounds or feels like they could be in better shape than they are now. And, given how sedentary most of our jobs and lives are, that means they can help just about anyone.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose five pounds or 50 – a good resort can set up the program you need to meet your goals during your weight loss vacation.

Best of all, taking a weight loss vacation is not a quick-hit way to lose weight and feel great. You get in shape while you are at the resort, but the resort will also show you ways to keep in shape and not gain weight once your vacation is over.

More often than not, being out of shape is the result of bad habits. A weight loss vacation will help you break those bad habits and replace them with new good habits that will stay with you for years to come.

Weight loss resorts are not like old-fashioned fat camps, where drill instructors shame you into exercising and surviving on a few scraps of lettuce a day. Those kinds of resorts went out of fashion decades ago, when people realized they were not only unhealthy, but were psychologically damaging and didn’t provide long-term weight loss.

Instead, weight loss resorts are helpful and supportive places where the staff wants you to have a great time and feel good about yourself while you are developing healthier habits.

They honestly want you to feel like you are on vacation and have a great time. They know that by making exercise and eating healthy into a fun, positive experience, you are much more likely to meet your goals now and stick to the program in the future once you get back into the daily grind.

Weight loss vacations are not terribly expensive. In fact, they tend to cost almost exactly what you’d pay to go to an equivalent resort elsewhere. The only difference is that if you decide to go to Club Med or Hedonism, you’ll come back from your vacation more out of shape and fatter then when you started. If you go to a weight loss resort, you’ll come home in great shape and feeling great about yourself.

Here is a brief round-up of what you can expect from a resort when you go on a weight loss vacation:

  • Your own private room
  • Free WiFi
  • A business center
  • Concierge services
  • Five-star meals
  • The latest exercise equipment
  • Experienced personal trainers
  • A warm, relaxing environment
  • Access to the beach and local community
  • A personalized weight loss/healthy living program
  • The ability to track your progress
  • Great recipes you can use when you come home
  • The chance to make new friends and be part of a community
  • 24-hour access to staff and amenities

There are lots of great resorts out there for people who are looking for a fun, fearless weight loss vacation. For example, the Live In Fitness LIFE program in Playa Del Ray, CA is just minutes from the beach, has easy access to great shopping, and all the amenities you’d expect from any five-star vacation resort. They have spent the past 14 years helping people lose weight and becoming healthier while on vacation. Deciding to take a weight loss vacation at a place like Live In Fitness could be the best decision you’ve made in years.

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