Why Someone Would Decide To Go To A Weight Loss Spa

When people normally think of a spa, they think about women being pampered with facials, massages, and other beauty treatments. We don’t usually think about men going to spas, and we don’t usually think about weight loss.Yet, thousands of men and women go to weight loss spas every year. They come from all sorts of backgrounds – some are superstar celebrities like Angela Basset, but most are just regular people who have decided that going to a weight loss spa is the right thing for them.So what makes a weight loss spa different from other types of spas? Why do so many people decide that a weight loss spa is the right choice for them? What actually goes on in a weight loss spa?

Because we believe that nearly anyone can benefit from a trip to a weight loss spa, we’ve decided to answer those questions and more.

  • Regular spas are about superficial beauty. A weight loss spa is about becoming healthier, losing weight and getting in shape. It’s about making you body beautiful inside and out.
  • Weight loss spas are not one-day affairs. Typically, people go to a weight loss spa for two weeks or more. While you can clean your pores in a day, it takes time to work on your body and your overall health.
  • Both men and women are concerned about getting in shape and living healthy. That’s why equal numbers of men and women go to weight loss spas.
  • A weight loss spa will help foster a sense of community. At a regular spa, you are there just for yourself. At a weight loss spa, you’ll make new friends and you’ll all help each other meet your weight loss and healthy living goals.
  • At a regular spa you are sedentary. You just lay back and let the staff work on you. At a weight loss spa you are active, and the staff helps you exercise and motivates you to become more physically fit.
  • Weight loss spas and regular spas do have one thing in common – they are both about providing you with first-class, luxury services in a beautiful environment.
  • People choose weight loss spas because they have realized it’s very hard on their own to break the bad habits that have caused them to become overweight. They need help and support not only to lose weight now, but to learn new habits that will help them stay in shape in the future.
  • A weight loss spa is a much more effective way to lose weight and start living healthier than trying to motivate themselves to hit the gym.
  • When you go to a weight loss spa, you’ll be taught what exercises are right for you and how to create a varied exercise program that won’t cause you to plateau.
  • Most gyms hire personal trainers that don’t have a lot of experience and just provide you with a generic exercise program. A weight loss spa will have a specialized staff that will evaluate your unique needs and create a unique diet, nutrition and exercise program that is right for you.
  • At a weight loss spa, you’ll be taught the best ways to use free weight and exercise equipment to maximize your results and avoid injuries.
  • Weight loss spas will provide you with gourmet food that is five-star restaurant quality, but is also healthy to eat. These meals will have been designed by certified dieticians and cooked by experienced chefs.
  • The weight loss spa will also provide you the recipes for these tasty meals, so you can cook them yourself after you leave the spa.
  • A weight loss spa will be set up like an all-inclusive vacation resort.
  • Going to a weight loss spa – unlike going to the gym – will be a fun, enjoyable experience.
  • Weight loss spas understand that you may have obligations, and will provide you with a business center where you can check in with work and handle any emergencies at the office.
  • Most established weight loss spas will provide you with free high-speed WiFi connections and cable television – so you can catch up with the world after you’ve had a good workout and eaten a healthy meal.
  • You’ll have access to a concierge at a reputable weight loss spa.
  • For the most part, weight loss spas are located in beautiful, scenic locations with easy access to the beach and shopping areas – like the Live in Fitness LIFE program in Playa Del Ray, California.
  • People choose the weight loss spa that is right for them by evaluating how long the spa has been in business, where it is located and what kinds of amenities they offer. A good weight loss spa will have been in business for at least five years. A great weight loss spa will have been operating for a decade or more.
  • Weight loss spas are not about shaming you into losing weight. They are about building up your self-esteem, making you feel good about your progress, and helping you get the most out of your experience there.
  • You’ll leave a weight loss spa not only looking better, but feeling better about yourself.
  • Psychologists are on staff at a weight loss spa to help you with any mental blocks that may be getting in the way of your progress.
  • When you come home from a weight loss spa, your friends and family members won’t believe how great you look.
  • Weight loss spas put you back in charge of your body and empower you to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Going to a weight loss spa is not superficial. It’s about your health and well being.
  • You’ll have more energy and become more focused on achieving your goals when you leave a weight loss spa.

These are just a few of the things that make weight loss spas different from regular spas, and some of the reasons that people choose to go to a weight loss spa.

The bottom line is that a weight loss spa is fun and effective way to lose weight while making new friends and becoming part of a supportive community.

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