What Is A Fat Farm,And What Should You Look Out t For When Choosing A Fat Farm?

The term “fat farm” has been bandied about for a while now. People joke that they wish they could go to a fat farm to lose weight. Other people will kid when they see someone has gotten into great shape that they must have gone to a fat farm.But, most people don’t have any idea what a fat farm really is. In fact, although fat farms are great ways to lose weight and get into shape, the term itself often has a negative connotation and is a turn-off for many people.They hear the term “fat farm” and immediately think that it is going to be some horrible place in the middle of the country. They assume it will be like the movies, with drill instructors screaming at them that they are out of shape losers. They get a mental image of the summer camp from hell, where they will be verbally abused and humiliated and put through the wringer until they get a better body.

But, none of these images could be further from the truth. A fat farm is not some awful hell on earth where people go to punish themselves for being out of shape. It’s not like that at all.

In fact, reputable fat farms are great places where people can become part of a community and get rid of the bad habits that have caused them to become overweight, and start building up new positive habits that will help them live a healthier life for years to come.

Fat farms evaluate your personal needs in a comfortable and often luxurious setting. They create a plan of exercise and nutrition to help you meet your goals. They aren’t bullies – they are cheerleaders, urging you to be all that you can be.

Fat farms often serve gourmet meals and have private accommodations, concierge service and up-to-date training packages. In general, they are just like going to a resort on vacation, except instead of sitting on the beach drinking margaritas you are doing something to make your life better.

The goal of the people who work at fat farms is to build up your self-esteem while they help you work on your body. They will make you feel good about yourself and treat you like a guest.

And, the best part about being at a fat farm is that all of the other guests are there for the same reason you are – they’ve decided that it’s time to start living a healthier life. That means you’ll have lots of chances to make friends with new and interesting people who share your interests.

Overall, a visit to a fat farm can end up becoming some of the most important weeks of your life. You’ll be in a positive, non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone is working toward a common goal.

Best of all, by the time you leave your old friends back home won’t believe how great you look, and you’ll be ready to show off your smoking hot body.

But, the question remains – what should you look for in a fat farm? After all, not all fat farms are created equal. Here’s a list of some of the things you want to watch out for.

  • Make sure the fat farm has been in existence for at least several years. New fat farms sprout up all the time, and you want to go to one that has been in operation for a while and isn’t just a fly by night company trying to take advantage of the fitness craze.
  • Check out the fat farm’s reputation. Do a Google search of the fat farm and make sure that people haven’t posted negative information about it. Read about their experiences and make sure they live up to your expectations. People love to discuss their weight loss efforts online, and if a fat farm has any problems you’ll learn about them fairly easily.
  • Avoid fat farms that are situated in very rural areas. You don’t want to feel isolated when you are putting in the hard work to get into better shape. You want to choose one that is in or right near a major city. You’ll want to be able to leave the fat farm every so often for shopping, going to the movies and other fun outings.
  • Ask about how experienced the staff is. Some fat farms will employ anyone who seems to be in good shape as a personal trainer. You don’t want that. You want someone who is used to working with people like you, and has the training and experience to help you meet your goals.
  • Ensure that they don’t have a one-size-fits-all method when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Everyone has their own unique needs, and a fat farm should be able to customize your work out and nutrition schedule for you.
  • Stay far, far away from any fat farm that seems to endorse fad diets. Fad diets don’t work in the long run. You want a place that will show you how to eat sensibly but still enjoy your meals. That will help you keep the weight off when you leave.
  • Real fat farms don’t accept Medicare as payment. Recently there have been several organizations that have been shut down because of Medicare scams. These places advertised as being fat farms, but were actually hospitals or psychiatric centers. Then, after people showed up they billed Medicare for “mental health services.” Not only could this put you at legal risk; these fat farms did not actually help anyone lose weight.
  • Ask about their equipment. All their equipment should be up to date. Exercise machines keep improving, and a reputable fat farm will keep up with the times.
  • A good fat farm will have you go through a variety of exercises over time. This is important because to really start living healthy, you can’t just stick to one or two types of routines. You need to learn how to vary your workouts.
  • Don’t let yourself get stuck into signing up for a fat farm that will have you living in a dormitory. Your need to have your own private space when you are not working out. This is an important part of the psychology of losing weight and getting into shape.

The good news is that there are many fat farms out there that are reputable and meet these criteria. The Live In Fitness LIFE program, for example, has been in business for years, has experienced personnel and offers luxurious accommodations for its guests.