What Are Fitness Resorts And How Do You Choose The Right One?

Fitness resorts have become a booming business because they provide help with an essential human need – they help people lose weight, live healthier lives and become physically fit.In this day and age, many people have problems living healthy. This isn’t their fault. It is the way society is set up. We spend the majority of our day sitting behind our desks being fairly inactive. We often don’t have that much time for lunch, so grabbing fast food is an easy alternative. We drive to and from work, and when we get home we are often so tired we just want to sit in front of the television.This way of life helps create bad habits that have a direct impact on our health. Our metabolism slows down. We gain weight. We tire more easily. We are more at risk for a wide range of health-related problems, ranging from heart disease to diabetes.Often it will get to a point where our doctors or friends may suggest a fitness resort. But, many people don’t know what a fitness resort is. They have a media-influenced image of an ugly industrial place where mean people yell at you and try to humiliate you into losing weight.

The mental image seems horrible, and keeps many people from choosing to go to a fitness resort. Instead, they try a fad diet or sign up for a gym membership. They lose a few pounds and then go back to their old lifestyle and become unhealthy again.

What’s said is that this could be avoided if people knew what a fitness resort really is. It’s not boring or ugly or scary. In fact, good fitness resorts are actually beautiful places to visit where you can have a great time, meet new friends and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness resorts are run just like regular full-service resorts. You pay one all-inclusive price and you have your needs catered to. You have your own private room. Food and beverages are included. There are other people like you there, which form a sense of community. And during the day, there are friendly coaches and trainers who spend their time getting to know you and helping you lose weight.

The end result is that you have a good time – like you would on any resort vacation – but when it is over, you have found ways to get rid of your old bad habits and develop new habits that will help you live a healthier life for years to come.

You’ll look and feel better than you have in years, and your health will have improved a great deal. The only real risk is that you might have to purchase a new wardrobe, because your old clothes will now look huge on you!

In other words, fitness resorts are fun places to go and they will help you live a better life.

But, this begs the question: How do you choose the right fitness resort? What should you look for when you are trying to choose one?
There are many factors that should go into your choice, and we’ll go over them one at a time.

  • Make sure that the resort is using the highest level of technology possible to help their guests. Up to date resorts should use hydrostatic body fat testing to monitor your progress, VO2max to determine how your body is using oxygen during your workout, and body age machines to determine your BMI and document your results.
  • The resort should consider you a guest, and not a patient to be treated. They should create a community spirit and let you know that they are there for you. A resort should not have an industrial or hospital atmosphere. It should be a positive experience.
  • You should have your own private room or suite style apartment. You don’t want to be at a resort where you have to live in a dormitory. Getting into shape can be a very difficult and personal process and you have the right to your privacy while you are going through the experience.
  • Programs should be tailored to your individual needs. No two people have the same weight loss problems, and there is no one right way to get into shape and develop healthy habits. The resort should be willing to evaluate you when you arrive and create a program designed for your unique needs.
  • Their fitness area should be state of the art. Exercise machines are becoming progressively more and more effective over time. A resort should only be using the latest machines, so that you get the most from your work outs.
  • The food should be high quality. If the resort serves bland, boring food, you’ll be unlikely to stick to eating healthy when you leave. Instead, the resort should provide five-star, healthy food – and recipes – so that you can learn to enjoy eating healthy.
  • The resort should not endorse any fad diet. Fad diets just cause people to yo-yo their weight up and down. If any resort starts talking about things like the Atkins Diet or the Grapefruit Diet, they should be avoided at all costs.
  • The resort should make you feel like you are living in luxury. The more comfortable your surroundings, the more relaxed you will be and the better the overall experience will become. When a resort is a luxury, it is fun and will keep you motivated while you are working on your health and weight loss challenges.
  • The resort should be equipped with WiFi and have a business center, so that you can take care of any business and keep in contact with people back home and in the office while you are working on your health.

All of these factors are extremely important when it comes to choosing the right fitness resort. Professional five-star resorts like the Live In Fitness LIFE program will meet and exceed all of these criteria. Fitness resorts that don’t provide this level of service will not be able to help you achieve the results that you are looking for.