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There is a feeling of fulfillment when you accomplish something so completely, where every detail has been thought out, and every process has been implemented….The LIFE Signature Program is just that…..We are ever striving, ever evolving, always looking for ways to put even more into this life altering program that is, based on Science, Evaluation & Testing, then analyzed by our expert coaching, nutrition & behavioral staff, and crafted for each individual who walks thru our doors. We take pride in the fact that we have a program that is world renowned and unrivaled in our industry. There are many who have tried to imitate our LIFE Signature Program, but they always fall short. The feeling that you get when you begin our program is one of trust, completeness, caring, structure and support, and we can’t forget enjoyment. The road to Fitness and Weight Loss is not always easy, but it is always necessary. Empower yourself in our fully integrated Program & you will love the results that you reap!!!

World renowned programs. Expert staff. Evaluation and testing. Luxurious and comfortable accommodations. Ever evolving techniques. Gorgeous locations. Our standards of excellence

Moments of revelation kindle our passion. We challenge existing fitness & weight loss beliefs by tackling them with scientific processes and analysis. Our individually crafted programs and thoughtful & caring resolve, lead to unparalleled individual results.

By working together we have created an experience that enriches people's lives in more ways than just weight loss or reaching that next level of physical abilities. At Live In Fitness, "No client gets left behind" and each life changes.

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Palmetto Dunes is so beautiful. The live in fitness center is great. Their trainers push you to the best of your ability, and then some. They strive for you to succeed and push your body to do what it was meant to do. The only drawback ( and it's not even that bad) is that the food is sometimes not on schedule. So you will be waiting for about 5 - 10 minutes to be served. The overall staff is friendly and positive. I look forward to keeping up my weight loss goals as I am now back home. They have instilled a lifestyle change that I never thought I could wrap my mind around.



The experience I had at Live In Fitness was amazing. Aside from achieving what I had initially gone for, I came out with a positive attitude, excited about life and many new friends. The environment at the Hilton Head Island location is simply one of a kind. I developed great relationships with my trainers and other clients. After two weeks into the program it really felt like home.



I really enjoyed the retreat at Live In Fitness. The owners were great and the staff was amazing. I lost over 50 pounds in 2 months and was thrilled with the results.



I have been to them all over the last few years: the spas in Utah, boxing camps in Thailand, luxury resorts in Mexico and even fasting yoga centers. The only one that I keep coming back to (5 times over the last several years) is Live In Fitness. The reason is in they provide an experience that none of the others offer. Live in Fitness is simply the perfect blend of fun and hard work. The trainers are motivational and experienced. The food is catered to each individual (not the same at any other place) and for me this is important. I have carb intolerance and they catered my meals to my needs. They have been in several different facilities over the years but they have a fantastic one now. The owner and his wife are involved in every step of the program. The trainers are there from sun up till sun set. The boot camps are the hardest things I have ever done. In total, every week I am there I loose on average of 4-9 pounds. It varies from week to week but I have never been disappointed in the results. Live in Fitness rocks! I'll be back again in October so they can prepare me for the New York Marathon. They got me ready for 2 other marathons in the past as well as a bike ride across Thailand. They not only helped me to loose weight but they challenged me to find activities I enjoy to keep loosing it after I leave.

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